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Sunday 5.1.11 – Visting The Archives

Today my mom, aunt and cousin went to this big flower show down by Leiden, so I went to the Amsterdam archives to look up whatever information I could find about my 3rd great grandmother, Keetje Benjamins.  As far as my Dutch ancestry research goes Keetje sticks out because she is the closest, as far as how distant a relative she is dead end I have.  She really shouldn’t be such as mystery since I have been able to find information on all my other Dutch branches which take me back at least as far as about 1730.  From various online sources I have access to I have only ever been able to find her burial site (which mentions her father’s name being Mozes Israel), who she married, and some information about her children.  For a while now I have thought I found her father’s family but after visiting the archives I am not so sure, but more on that in a minute.  When I arrived there I was told to sit at a desk and sign in, which I did.  However as I was looking over the names that were signed in I noticed the names of a married couple I have come across in the past, Renier and Dirjke Bobbe.  They own a family tree website that I visit from time to time to see if any of the new connections I am finding are connected to them as well as because there site includes the family of a good friend of mine and for a while I was trying to figure out if we are connected (we are but I didn’t find it there.)  Any way when I mentioned something to one of the people who worked there he called over Renier and I introduced myself to him and subsequently his wife.  I told him why I was in Holland, mentioned the connection to the close friend, and showed off the big tree I had printed.  Eventually the aide who helps with genealogical records was able to help me.  First we found the birth record for Keetje for whom I apparently had the birthdate wrong.  It also listed her parents, Mozes Benjamins and Elizabeth Marcus van Lier.  I had her mother as Elizabeth Marcus from someone who was able to find a bunch of information for me, but the surname is more helpful.  I also attempted to find the marriage records for Keetje and Samuel Isaac Lob, as well as her parents Mozes and Elizabeth van Lier, however I was unsuccessful though the aide did give me some suggestions on where to look.   I did eventually go to to see if I found anything, which I did.  I saw that she had at least one sister, Sophie born in 1835 about 10 years later which leads me to believe there were other children.  So as I mentioned earlier I thought her father was from one family, the Hena/Zischesh family.  However after looking at the Dutchjewry website I found that he actually may be from the Wing family, his full name being, Mozes Benjamin Bendit Benjamins Wing, a family I had a feeling we had a closer connection to rather than just as an in-law family.  So once I get home I will be pursuing this lead.  I do wish I had had some money on me though so I could get copies of the records I could find.  Maybe if I ask a cousin or e-mail Renier and Dirjke….


3 responses to “Sunday 5.1.11 – Visting The Archives

  1. Jessica June 8, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    This is so cool! Like a detective story. Have you ever seen the show, “Who am I” or something like that? Following famous people as they track down their genealogy.

  2. Hans van Lier December 5, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Hello Steve, probably you found what you were looking for, however:
    my ancestor Marcus Salomon van Lier (Utrecht ±1765-1823) married (in Amsterdam 1790) Sipora Emanuel Kalker (1767-?); they had two sons and a daughter, known as Elizabeth or Betje or Sprintse (Dutch/Jidish for ‘princess’) with patronymic Meyer or Marcus (±1796-1872).
    Elizabeth married (in Utrecht on 18 May 1819) one Mozes Benjamins (Amsterdam 1795-?), son of Benjamin Isaac Wing or Winnig and Esther Philip Liepman de Jong Rintel.
    Elizabeth and Benjamin had three daughters: Henriette Hester (Etty) (±1824) who married Hessel Mozes Duparc, Keetje (±1826) who married Samuel Lob and Sophie (±1835-±1879) who married another ancestor of mine, Eduard (Salomon) van Lier (1834-1903), who studied law and was a teacher and a prolific and popular writer on juridical matters.
    You will be interested in Keetje and Samuel Lob, naturally. I’m positive that Akevoth have more about them.
    From my point of view Keetje’s sister Etty is the more interesting. She and Hessel had a son, Mozes Hessel (Jossie) Duparc (1849-1925) who became an MD. You can check him out on Akevoth, he lived in an interesting time and played an important role in public health.

    Best wishes, Hans van Lier

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