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Wednesday 5.4.11 – Muiderburg Cemertery

Today my mother and I went to the largest Jewish cemetery which is located in Muiderburg.  The cemetery is connected to Amsterdam, however it is more than far enough away.  On the way there we stopped in Weesp for lunch.  Had I realized we were so close to Hilversum I would have tried to meetup with the van den Bergh’s.  Anyway before we left for the cemetery I had written down the locations of a few of the graves I wanted to see however when we got there we had no idea the older graves would be in the condition they were.  In the sections we were looking at they were covered with ivy and some kind of moss and the really old ones were very weather beaten.  We did try to figure out where the graves we were looking for were but the graves we found were not the right ones or were not even there.  We even looked at graves around where we were looking but I didn’t see any names I recognized.  So we walked around taking pictures and at one point tried to find someone who worked there, but apparently they were out to a very long lunch.  We did find a mother and daughter who were looking in one of the older sections we were looking at who told us about the computer on the wall of the bathroom which had a database of the burials in the cemetery.  However the database only confirmed the information I already had, so I decided I will try to find someone to e-mail who may know more about the cemetery  than I.  After the cemetery we made our way back to Amsterdam and wandered around for a bit before heading back to the hotel since we had to get up early to catch the train to Frankfurt.


One response to “Wednesday 5.4.11 – Muiderburg Cemertery

  1. Jessica June 9, 2011 at 1:06 am

    You are much more level-headed about it. I would have been so frustrated.

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