The Journey of Steve Jaron

Climbing the tree one branch at a time

5.12.11 – A Ferris Wheel and Freud

Today was our last day in Vienna.  We started off by heading over to the Prater park area to see and ride the famous Ferris wheel from the movie “The Third Man.”  The Wiener Riesenrad is one of the oldest ferris wheels in the world and the time it was built in 1897 it was the largest.  Since my mom doesn’t like rides I went on by myself and got some more scenery pics of Vienna.  We then made our way to the Freud museum, though first was stopped to have lunch.  We stopped at a local chain called Centimeter which I thought was awesome.  I had a dish called Eine Schaufel Mischmasch which was a shovel of food full of hot dogs, bacon,  chicken, dumplings, and other things that escape my memory at this time.  It was very fattening and very tasty.  After lunch we headed over to the museum which showed a lot of pictures, books, and other documents from his and family’s life.  When we were finished we headed over to the Lichtenstein museum but it was closed so we walked around the grounds for a bit , had desert, and headed back to the hotel to pack.


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