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FamilyTree365 – Day One September 1, 2016

To start off my 365 days of Ancestors, In-Laws, Spaceballs, and Questionables I decided to go with a Spaceball.
Frida Leider was a singer born on April 18th 1888 in Berlin to Ernst Leider and Anna Redlich. According to Wikipedia she was one of the most important dramatic sopranos of the 20th century. Her most famous roles were Wagner’s Isolde and Brünnhilde, Beethoven’s Fidelio, Mozart’s Donna Anna, and Verdi’s Aida and Leonora. She preformed at the Hamburg State Opera and then moved on to the Berlin State Opera where she remained until she retired in 1946. After retirement she stayed on as the director and manager of a studio for rising singers of the Berlin State Opera.
In 1930 she married Professor Rudolf Deman who was the concertmaster for the Berlin State Opera. After the Anschluss in 1938 Deman had to flee to Switzerland. Rudolf was the uncle of my great Aunt Paula Rothstein’s husband Richard Deman.



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