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Family Tree Research Updates

So since it has been a while since I updated this I figured I would do so in one big entry –

For the past year I was focused on my German ancestry through my maternal grandmother’s paternal grandmother Albertine Levy from Duisburg.  For about 3 months I spent time going through the book Geschichte der Duisburger Juden trying to pick out everything I could about my ancestors.  I spent a number of weekends going through the LDS films for Duisburg and found a number of things and verified a number of other things.  I then focused on my ancestors in the town of Randerath and my tree expanded by about 1000 people.

I have also made some headway in my brickwalls.

I acquired a form that verified the name of my great grandmother Bertha’s brother in-law.  Along that same line I acquired a picture of my 2nd great grandfather’s grave stone which has his father’s name.

I also managed to find some of the missing Cohn’s in Argentina and I am still working on contacting them.

Lastly there are some Tarnopol related road blocks I am still working through.


2 responses to “Family Tree Research Updates

  1. Marlene Brodsky Schachter-Hayn December 31, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Hi Steve, we had contact briefly about Louis regarding our U1b1 match on mtdna at ftdna. Still looking for maiden name of a Hannah who married a Mirsky who would be my same line. Any news as to getting more mothers back within that result? Thank you, Marlene (was jaron ever Yaron?)

    • stevejaron January 1, 2017 at 4:54 pm

      Hi Marlene,
      I think you have me mixed up with my father Michael. I don’t believe you and I ever spoke.

      To answer your question – Jaron was originally Yurovsky/Jurowsky

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