The Journey of Steve Jaron

Climbing the tree one branch at a time

#FamilyTree365 – Day 11 September 11, 2016

Today’s ancestor is the Oscar Rothstein, the brother of my 2nd great grandfather Joseph Rothstein.  Oscar was born Schaje Berish Rothstein in the town of Tarnopol on March 26, 1871.  As with most Galician marriages of the time they were not civilly married before immigrating to America in 1899 with their daughter Golde Marjem (known in the States as Golde, Grace, and Gussie).  They were the 2nd-4th members of my extended family to arrive in America on my mother’s side.  After arriving in the US they had two additional children Max and Emanuel.  Like his nephews, my great grandfather Markus and his brother Irving, he was in the dry goods business.

His branch is one of those brick walls that I have made some headway in over the past two months.  I have already posted about his grandson Melvin and eventually will post about his three children.



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