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#FamilyTree365 – Day 12 September 12, 2016

#FamilyTree 365 – Day 12 September 12, 2016

Hirsch Leib Krochmal is my oldest known 100% verifiable Krochmal ancestor.  There is a  record on the All-Galicia Database for a Layb Krochmal born in June of 1838 in Zloczow that I believe is his birth record and that shows the father  being Abraham Krochmal.  They lived in house 134 and his siblings were probably Lazer, Rebeka, and Chaym.   There are a few other possible siblings and they lived with a family by the name is Sirkus.  The Sirkus family married into the Krochmal’s twice.  I am 99% certain that is this the same person but I will probably never know since any marriage record to his wife Pessie Goldbrumm and his gravestone are more than likely both destroyed.  I do have his death record – he died on May 12, 1909.  Eiriely he is my hebrew namesake and he died 70 years to the month of my birth (Tsvi – May 1979).


Hirsch and his wife Pessie had 9 children of which I have already written a whole page about their family here, however I probably need to update it.



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