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#FamilyTree365 – Day 23 September 23, 2016

#FamilyTree365 – Day 23 September 23, 2016

So I am a few days behind…oops…

Asher Machelder/Levy, my second great grandfather, was born around 1865 in Shereshov, Belarus to Meir Tzadik Machleder and Fannie Sigman.  Fannie and her brother Benjamin are both my 3rd great grandparents – their grandchildren Maurice Machleder and Tillie Farbman, my great grandparents, were 2nd cousins.  This makes me my own 5th cousin.  At the moment this is the only instance of endogamy my father and I are aware of with his known direct ancestors.

Asher arrived in New York on August 22, 1893 with the intention of heading to Philadelphia, PA where other family members may have already been.  At some point he went to New Bedford, Massachusetts since his sister Bessie lived there with her husband Aaron Silverblatt.  Aaron was the first Rabbi of the first synagogue in New Bedford – Ahavath Achim.

Asher passed away in New Bedford on October 19, 1925.



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