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#FamilyTree365 – Day 32 October 2, 2016

#FamilyTree365 – Day 32 October 2, 2016

Due to Rosh Hashanna and some other stuff I am two days behind so this and the next post are backdated.

So for those of you that have ever read any of my Facebook posts every once in a while I will mention that I am my own cousin five different ways at last count.  Four of those are through my mother, but one, that I know of at this time, is through my father.  This is due to the fact that his maternal grandparents, Maurice Machleder/Levy and Tillie Farbman, were second cousins.  Gershon Sigman is the closest common ancestor through that set of my great grandparents.

At this time we only know of two children – Benjamin and Fannie.  It is likely that there were more children but they have yet to be discovered.

Since I will be getting more involved in my father’s research, hopefully with the power of the two of us we will be able to expand more on Gershon and his family.



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