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Combined Germany Research

As of May 2016 the story of my German ancestry research begins in the town of Duisburg.  After feeling satisfied with where I was with my Dutch research a few years ago I began researching my 2nd great grandmother Albertina Levy’s ancestors.  I started this part of my journey by acquiring a book called Geschichte der Duisburger Juden (The History of the Jews of Duisburg).  However after awhile I went back to my Dutch research and started on my Galician research.  In the fall of 2015 I decided to focus on my German ancestors again and I began by ordering the civil registrations for the town of Duisburg that were microfilmed by the Mormons.  As I looked through the films I found various records verifying what I already knew as well as adding new new information.  Subsequently I ordered the films for the town of Randerath and found that Albertina’s mother Regina had 15 siblings and was able to go back two generations.  I have since added about 500 people to my tree.

So at this point you may be asking yourself “what is my connection to Albertina?” or “what is my connection to Steve?”  Here is part of how everything connects.  As I stated Albertina is my 2nd great grandmother.  She was my maternal grandmother’s paternal grandmother.  Albertina was born in 1852 in Duisburg, Germany to Moshe Levy and Regina Mendel, who was from the town of Randerath.  In 1878 in Krefeld, Germany she married my 2nd great grandfather Barend Polak, originally from Dordrecht, Netherlands but by that time I believe he had already moved to Tilburg.  It is my theory that were were set up by a matchmaker because of both of their family’s involvement in the cattle business.

Below are links to my attempts at telling the various histories of the different branches.

  • Levy
  • Mendel
  • Benedict


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