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Rothstein Family History

Here is what I know of my Rothstein family ancestors as of this time. This page will be updated as I learn more information. If you are a friend or a family member of someone related to this branch and have any additions or corrections please feel free to send it along to me.

My oldest known Rothstein ancestor was Michael Rothstein born in 1832 in Velikaya Beresovica, Tarnopol, Galicia, Austria and died in Vienna, Austria on March 9, 1916. Michael was married to Cipre/Zipre Zucker, the daughter of Samuel and Golde, born in 1836 and died on November 25, 1902 in Tarnopol. Together they had 6 children that I know about, Joseph, Scheindel, Oscar, David, Chanse Lea, and Jacob. Only Joseph and Oscar survived to adulthood.
The following are birth and death dates of the four that didn’t live to adulthood:
Scheindel – February 23, 1868 to 1891
David – February 25, 1873 to November 18, 1873
Chanse Lea – August 20, 1875 to April 30, 1878
Jacob Moses – April 1879 to 1896

Joseph –
Joseph was born on November 8, 1866 in Tarnopol. Around 1890 he married Lea/Laura Krochmal, who as family rumor goes is connected to Nachman Krochmal. Laura was the daughter of Hirsch Leib/Tsvi Aryeh Krochmal and Pessie Goldbrum born on January 17, 1864. I go more in depth on them on the Krochmal page. Joseph and Laura had five children – Gussie, Yetta, Markus, Anna and Irving. Sometime between Irving’s birth and Michael’s death the family moved to Vienna, more than likely at about the same time as the Krochmal’s (Laura’s family).

Below is a family picture presumably taken upon arrival in Vienna.

Kids Left to Right:
Gussie (3/6/1891-10/1975),
Anna (3/3/1902-7/8/1984),
Markus (4/28/1897-1/25/1971),
Yetta (1894-8/26/1953),
Irving (10/28/1905-2/1/1979)

Bertha Tillinger and Marcus Rothstein's Wedding PIcture

Bertha Tillinger and Marcus Rothstein’s Wedding Picture

In 1913 Joseph made his way to America to establish himself and pave a way for the rest of his family to come over eventually.  According to the New York Census of 1915 he was living with his brother Oscar who had come over around 1896.  While in Vienna Gussie was an operetta singer and continued with this while living in New York.  Markus, though the middle child, was the first to marry.  He married Bertha/Bassie Tillinger of Stanislwow, Galicia, Austria on January 25, 1920.  Bertha was the child of Aron Moshe Tillinger and Hanna Ettel Wax born on August 28, 1893.  On November 30th of that same year, Paula, Joseph’s first of five grandchildren were born to Markus and Bertha.  On May 3, 1921 Laura, her 3 daughters, and Irving arrived in America.  Markus stayed behind as he had an established dry goods business and a family.  On May 19, 1924 Markus’ son Harry was born.  Five days later Anna married Michael White (formerly Schneeweiss) from Rzezow, Galicia.  On December 21, 1926 they had their first child, Lawrence.  A few years later, on January 27 1929, Yetta married Sigmund/John Maidaneck.  I do not know much about Sigmund only that he was born on September 9, 1889 and he had a beauty parlor.  Later that year on June 9th, Irving married his first wife Edna Heitner.  On December 16, 1931 Anna had her second child Julian.  Three years later, Gussie or now known as Olga, married Sam Cohen on October 15, 1933.  Less than a week later on the 15th Laura passed away.  By the 1940 census Joseph was living with Gussie and Sam.

Not much else happened until March 12, 1938 which was the date of the Austrian Anschluss.  Two months later on May 31 Markus was sent to Dachau and on September 23 was transferred to Buchenwald.  During that time Paula and Harry were sent to America to live with their family already living in New York.  In early August they were on a ship when it made a stop in Genoa, Italy.  According to their cousin Mina Stein (nee Tillinger) they were allowed to look around the town but had to be back by a specific time however they missed the ship and ended up staying with a Jewish family for another two weeks before finally leaving Italy on August 24, 1938 and arriving in New York on the 31st.  By February Markus was released from Buchenwald as part of a prisoner exchange initiated by a Senator Robert Wagner who was a friend of Irving.  Markus and Bertha left Vienna and arrived in New York on February 25, 1939.  A year and half later, on October 15, 1940, Joseph passed away.  Before enlisting in the Army on July 29, 1943, Harry met Judith Polak from the Netherlands.  Harry was a member of the Counter-Intelligence Corps as a translator.  One story he told his children was that one day he was interrogating a Nazi prisoner who happened to be a former neighbor of his in Vienna.  The neighbor did not recognize him however.  To get the Nazi to talk he told him that the Allies knew everything about him, even where his mother bought her groceries.  Markus’ daughter Paula had married a man by the name of Richard Deman and on July 14, 1944 they had their only son Leslie.  Larry, Michael and Anna’s son enlisted on September 21, 1944.  On November 19, 1945 Irving and Edna had their only child, Laura.  After returning from the war Harry married Judith on September 8, 1946 and two years later on July 3, 1948 their oldest daughter Naomi came along.  On June 9, 1950 Irving’s wife Edna passed away.  Up until this point the family lived in one centralized area in the Washington Heights area of New York.  According to Laura, Irving’s daughter, there was a real feeling of a close extended family (including members of in-law families.)

Harry, Judith and family portrait from 1967

Harry, Judith and family portrait from 1967

On May 19, 1952 Harry and Judith had their second daughter Edna, named for Harry’s aunt, Irving’s wife.  Around 1953-1954, Harry answered an ad for jobs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he and his family moved there.  Yetta and John did not have any children and they passed away on August 26, 1953 and June 10, 1958.  Sometime before 1955 Michael and Anna’s son Julian married Arlene Price and on July 31, 1955 they had their oldest son Andrew, followed by Jeffrey on December 3, 1957, and Richard on April 26, 1962.  On May 1, 1964 Harry and Judith had their youngest daughter Beri who was named for Harry’s mother Bertha who had died a few years earlier on August 27, 1959.  Markus eventually got remarried to a woman named Kathe Reimer.  On September 4, 1965 tragedy struck Julian’s young family when he passed away at the young age of 33.  Julian’s wife Arlene would go on to remarry and between two of his three children, has four grandchildren.  At some point before 1970 Paula and Richard’s son Leslie married a woman by the name of Leslie Horwitz and they have a daughter.  Shortly after that on January 25, 1971, Markus passed away.  About a year and half later on June 25, 1972, Harry passed away from a heart attack never getting to know even one of his 10 grandchildren, let alone his 4 great-grandchildren.  Gussie and Sam had no children and she died in October of 1975.  On February 1, 1979 Irving passed away and a few months later on July 6th Kathe, Markus’ second wife, passed away.  Irving’s second wife Francis is still going strong at 103 though.  Laura, Irving’s daughter, married a man named Harold and has 3 chlidren and 2 grandchildren.

Oscar –
Oscar was born in the summer of 1871 in Tarnopol.  At some point he married Rose Krochmal who was born around 1873.  On August 14, 1895 their daughter Gussie was born.  On May 12, 1899 they family arrived in  America.  The following year on December 1, 1900 their son Max was born.  On August 28, 1904 their son Manny was born.  In 1913 Oscar’s older brother Joseph arrived in America and lived with Oscar and his family for a few years.  On December 31, 1916 Gussie married a man by the name of Joseph Schwartz.  On March 22, 1919 their first child Melvin was born.  By 1920 Joseph had moved from his brother’s home to his own place.  On June 11 Max married Gitel/Gussie Kleinberg and about a year and half later on December 10, 1923 they had their oldest daughter Sally.  On March 14, 1925 Gussie and Joseph had their second child, a daughter named Eileen.  On September 14, 1927 Manny married Rose Cash and in 1933 their daughter Roberta was born.  The following year Max’s and Gussie’s second daughter Joan was born on March 4th.


3 responses to “Rothstein Family History

  1. Kathy Kofsky Finley March 20, 2018 at 7:56 am

    My name is Kathy Kofsky. My Mother was a Rothstein, Elaine Rothstein. Daughter of Alex and Ada Rothstein. My Grandfather was born in New York, lived on Broom Street. My Grandmother from Sharon, Pa.

    I am trying to find information on my family.

  2. Joyce Greenberg April 12, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I am the daughter of Eileen (Schwartz) Breindel and the granddaughter of Joseph Schwartz and Gussie Rothstein. I think you may have written to my mother but she misplaced the letter with your name and address so we were unable to respond. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in May 2017 at the age of 92. I was very close with my grandfather, Joseph, but my grandmother died when I was quite young. I know that Gussie had a falling out with her brothers so I never got to know anyone on that side of the family. I have a sister with Down Syndrome who lives in a group home. I am 63 years old and live in Manhattan (NYC). Please feel free to contact me if you want to share information.

    Best wishes,
    Joyce Greenberg

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